Full Version: India's attractions
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My fiance has shared some images with me last week which he has captured while his India's tour. Let me share here those images with you all. 
[Image: One-Picnic-Spot-near-Pune-Surya-shibir.jpg]
[Image: Savanasamudra.jpg]
[Image: 63b126ffff2d1e8d9c2e6b1298620fdd--incred...-to-go.jpg]
[Image: muss_road.jpg]
[Image: 1467290460_dudhsagar_main.jpg.jpg?1467290460]
I keen to know all of your views about them. Have you explored these places personally?

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This view is taken from Matheran road which you can visit in India. You can say that this is a hill station which all travelers like to explore and enjoy driving on this smooth road. My friend had been there once in his life and have a nice sort of time in the spring season. So you guys will be there.
How massive this one truly looks , I am sure that enjoying something like this is going to be so great. Enjoying marvelous of the stuff like this made me feel so much fun and i used to get a lot more sort of information like this feels so nice.
Tasha...! I appreciate your sharing. I must say that you have shared such a nice and most incredible photos of most fabulous attractions of India. I also explored these all fabulous places before taking the bus tours to maine during my last journey and have a spent spectacular time with my mates. I hope so your shared images would be useful for other travellers. I want to know about your next plan?