Full Version: My tour of UK
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 After mine los angeles day tours I will take a tour of UK and will visit the major attractions of this country which will make me so happy and I will get excellent travelling by visiting them. So these are the main places which I will visit at first:
London Eye
Tower of London
Buckingham Palace
Giant's Causeway
Tower Bridge
Windsor Castle
British Museum
Palace of Westminster
Lake District National Park. 
Allison! I would like to say that you have shared really very nice names list of UK's attractions. I like to read your shared stuff and love to say that you have done a great job for travelers. You have arranged your bucket list with admirable places and all these places are the best and famous attractions of the UK who have majestic views for grabbing the attentions of travelers toward them. I also have to make a plan to explore the UK after my day trip from vegas. I have noted these attractions names and will explore them while my journey.
All places which you have mentioned in your post are really amazing and near to my heart. So that's why to like to talk London Eye about cause this is my favorite lace and always like to have a great time there. Share here what will yo like to say about this nice attraction?
Allison, These places which you added in your travel bucket list are amazing and so much pretty but according to my experience London Eye, Tower of London and Tower Bridge are pretty much. Actually i have visited these places and spent my best time around of them.
Its great how you guys are talking about this one. Love always enjoying some of the thing like this and getting anything more like this i am sure would be cool enough and i am going to enjoy myself while trying something more like this one.
Allison...! I read your post very attentively and I must say that you have shared a sufficient information about UK with all of us. Anyone can get huge information through your post and can visit there without any hesitation. It is also famous country and my favourite too. I also visited there and I really enjoyed there camping, diving, surfing, shopping, dining and a lot of other most fabulous things. I would love to explore this most beautiful country in my future life again and again.

I want to take again my acadia new york tour