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Actonjack is new here - Actonjack - 04-18-2017

Hi guys!!!
         I am Actonjacka and I am new here. I joust joined this community few time ago. I read the previous posts of the senior members which impressed me a lot. I saw that all of you shared really interesting and massive posts which are quite interesting. So now I have decided that I will also be a part of this board and would like to take participation in your interesting discussions. Would you like to welcome me?

RE: Actonjack is new here - Kashvi - 05-06-2017

Hello, Actonjack, It si really good to see that you are also a new member here like me. Being a part of this community, I would love to ay you welcome on the board warmly and I am hopeful it will be a fun way for you to stay in touch here and share something interesting and informative from your side here.

RE: Actonjack is new here - smith - 05-12-2017

Actonjacka i wanna welcome you to this community and i am sure you will also share informative posts like seniors and will prove yourself a good member.

RE: Actonjack is new here - Ayden - 05-15-2017

hello, Actonjack! why not, we must say welcome to you in this community being a  member of this community. I am happy you like the shared member's posts. In this community, all the members share this kind of stuff which is interesting and also informative. Anyhow, do you like traveling? By the way, I am going to take a day tours from san francisco.

RE: Actonjack is new here - Alyssa - 07-03-2017

Hello, Actonjack! It's really great to have you here. I would really love to say you warmly welcome to thsi great forum. so sure that things liek that to enjoying will be really great to get stuff which requires. well, have a great stay here buddy.

RE: Actonjack is new here - Allison - 07-28-2017

Hi, Actonjack! I am Allison and being a member of this community I will also welcome you here. I am happy to see you and will say surely you will spend a nice time with all of us. I am also new here but I will say that the whole time which I spend on this board remain best and enjoyable for me. I always enjoy my stay here and surely you will also enjoy communicating with all of us. now you let us know something about your interests?

RE: Actonjack is new here - Vanallen - 07-31-2017

Actonjack, Welcome here and hope will be a nice time to talk with you. Hope to see you again here. Anyway, Must mention here what you like to discuss most of the time? I am keen to read about you and your interests. Hope you love to share with us. Hope you would like to take part here too and show your presence by posting a reply.

RE: Actonjack is new here - Ayden - 10-05-2017

Vanallen! I don't know about the Actonjack interest. But I must say that I really like to talk about traveling most of the time because I feel nice and happy when I make conversation with my friends on this topic. It is a great way for getting information about traveling places. I am traveler so want to get stuff about traveling always.

RE: Actonjack is new here - Allis - 11-25-2017

Hi, Actonjack, Nice to see you see you. I hope you will be here full of fun time and get awesome stuff which you wanna. What is your hobby? I will like to tell you that i am the biggest freak of traveling and that is my most favorite hobby. Anyway, every one is saying to you welcome in a very impressive way. I also wanna say to you
[Image: welcome5.gif]

RE: Actonjack is new here - Andrew - 12-29-2017

[Image: Welcome-Image.gif]
Actonjack ! I am happy to see to know you have joined this community, My name is Andrew and i am the biggest freak of traveling. I ave explore many places in my life and I am searching new place anyways Do you take interest traveling?