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Mexico city.
I love to say here that Mexico city is a really beautfiul city and capital of Mexico. So lets share with all of you gusy some of more its nice destaintions where we can enjoy many of the free time and also best holidays with family or friends. Like its attarctiosn are these below. 
National Museum of Anthropology
I am in love with that as well. Have been tried that a few years back and that would be just too good to let all of you know that i enjoyed myself so much at there and enjoyed too many of the new things out there. I am sure that trying more like that would be just awesome to have fun on.
rimith, You are saying absolutely right here about the Mexico. It is right that Mexico is a nice kind of destination for the visitors to go for nad see the beauty of its places which you name out here. Personally, I visited this destination only once in my life for three days and that was really exciting experience for me. Still, I wanna go there in future if got a chance.

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Mexico City is no doubt a really great place to explore and to have a great fun with it surely. I am sure that to being at the places like that would be really great to have a lot. have a plan to explore out it once again after mine niagara falls new york tours and surely will have a nice time there a lot.
I love to visit again and again Park of Mexico City which name is Chapultepec, I hope so I will visit this place of Mexico again in future time. I hope so I will spend here a good time and also the best kind of personal experience from this place or park. I will try to visit it with my buddies. so suggest you try to go there for having fun like me.
[Image: tumblr_mw2g0j7abk1rjf4f5o1_250.gif]
Chapultepec is an untouched place for me dude. I am not familiar with this name and will like to know from you with detail something about this. So do let me know about
its parking place
Staff members behavior
inside views
and all those things which are necessary to know before moving around this place.
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Chapultepec is new for me too. I am also blanked about thsi destination. Now I want to get some Informative stuff about thsi destination and soon would like to make a move towards this destination. You guys share some images of thsi destination also which will be good for me to see as well as for Eris too. SO try to make quick replies.
This is a new place to me and it seems quite an interesting one. For surely that would be something quite well having fun at somewhere around this one. This feels incredible always trying out marvelous sort of things as these and a lot as this.
In my point of view, Mexico city is a perfect destination among the all fun and adventure lover. It is also famous city and my favourite too. I really like to see its most impressive islands. I have been there many of the times in my whole life with my family and friends to enjoy holidays. Every time had huge fun there. It is a really great place for fun and where you can enjoy picnic party with family and kids.

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Elianor231! I agree with you, Mexico City is the thickly populated place and this is place capital of Mexico, this place famous for Templo Mayor that which historical place. This city so massive attractions. I suggest all members should go to this place. I hope do you like my suggestion?

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