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New Commer
Rivan is between all of you. I am new comer here and this is my very first post here guys. I am very happy being a part of this forum and quite sure will enjoy my stay here like all others. I am a traveling freak ad would like to enjoy the charm of the world in my free time. What's about you?
Rivan, Welcome here as a come comer and hope you would love to talk with other members and have a great time here. As you are traveling freak then surely it will remain the best time to talk with you because I am also one of those who having same interests like you. Anyway, would you like to share something more about you? Share with us which kind of places appeal you a lot?
Rivan! Welcome in this discussion broad. I am also sure you will spend a great time here with all the members. By the way, what a coincidence, I am also traveling lover and traveling is my passion. I really like it due to some reason. Anyway, which are your favorite places around the world?

My father is taking a cherry blossom in washington dc in forthcoming days.
Hello, Rivan, My name is Alaina and being a part of this community, I would love to say you welcome here. I am hopeful this will be a fun way for you to be like a member of this board as you can make conversations here andd shared the things which are in your mind. Hope will see interesting participation by you in future.

I had a dazzling time at tour niagara falls
Rivan! It's something really great to you to being at here to have a lot of fun. I just really love to say you welcome here and sure that it would be really amazing to you to being at this great platform to get and for sharing the great stuff about traveling.
Hi Rivan!! And welcome to this discussion board i am sure you will have a good time with members around here.

[Image: Welcome-02-web-version.jpg]

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