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The Top 10 best careers in technology 2016
Here’s a list of the Top 10 tech jobs that will help inline your carrer in the future, culled from the cross-industry list of the Top 25, along with the median base salary employees report in those jobs. (The salary number excludes bonuses, stock, and other benefits).
No. 10: Software Architech
Median base salary: $130,000
Job score: 4.2
Number of job openings: 653
Career opportunities rating: 3.4

A person that designs large complex software applications, and/or designs how such software will be deployed in an enterprise.
No. 9: UX Designer
Median base salary: $91,800 
Job score: 4.3
Number of job openings: 863
Career opportunities rating: 3.6

A person that manages the look and feel of software, the part that the customer touches.

No. 8: QA Manager
Median base salary: $85,000
Job score: 4.4
Number of job openings: 3,749
Career opportunities rating: 3.4

Quality Assurance engineers test software to make sure it works like it’s supposed to work.

No. 7: Software Development Manager
Median base salary: $135,000
Job score: 4.4
Number of job openings: 1,199
Career opportunities rating: 3.4

A person that manages software development projects. 

No. 6: Analytics Manager
Median base salary: $105,000
Job score: 4.5
Number of job openings: 982
Career opportunities rating: 3.7

A person that manages analytics software and processes, the software that helps companies answer business questions by sifting through a database or a big-data cache. 

No. 5: Software Engineer
Median base salary: $95,000
Job score: 4.5
Number of job openings: 49,270
Career opportunities rating: 3.3

A computer programmer. There are many levels of programmers from entry level, to very senior.

No. 4: Product Manager
Median base salary: $106,680
Job score: 4.5
Number of job openings: 6,607
Career opportunities rating: 3.3

The person that manages software development or IT product development projects.

No. 3: Mobile Developer
Median base salary: $90,000
Job score: 4.6
Number of job openings: 2,251
Career opportunities rating: 3.8

A person who writes mobile apps.
No. 2: Solutions Architect
Median base salary: $119,500 
Job score: 4.6
Number of job openings: 2,906
Career opportunities rating: 3.5

This is a person that designs large, complex IT systems.

No. 1: Data Scientist
Median base salary: $116,840
Job score: 4.7
Number of job openings: 1,736
Career opportunities rating: 4.1

Companies are collecting more and more data these days, a trend called “big data.” Data scientists are the people in charge of collecting and analyzing all of the data to find business insights.

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