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Wanna say Hello,
Big Grin 
Being  a new member on the board, I will like to say Hello to all the members here. My name is Alaina and I am newly registered here who is now an active member on the board.  I have joined this board because I have enough interest in traveling and can talk on this topic with members. So, hat you guys will say on this topic?
Hi My name is Imanar
welcome in this board and hope so you will spend a lovely and good time here with lots of fun time and best for sharing of you mind views here. I am a travelling lover so whats your hobby?
Hello, Imanar, Its quite cool to see your welcome for me. Well, I am happy to see that you are a traveling freak. I am also a big lover of traveling which si the reason to join this board. I just love to visit the tremendous places in the world to fulfill my appetite of travel and have a fun time there while making the experience exciting and watching out their beauty. Which kind of attractions are your favorite? By the way, I love beaches.
Wow, its a really cool thing is that you are a travelling lover and now I am going to share with you here that an image of the place which is most famous as well as a visiting point of view.
[Image: Plaza_Mayor_de_Madrid_06.jpg]
I hope so you will like my shared image from here...
Imanar, I must say you have shared really a stunning view of Plaza Mayor, Madrid with me which I really liked. I have already visited this place in my last winter vacations with my uncle and his family and having such cool views of the building like this in my camera. It is s major tourist attraction of the destination to enjoy fun things. What you like to do there?
Oh wow, that's inspiring guys, I must say the nice conversation is run here and I am quite sure my stay will be informative here with all of you. I mean I am a travelling freak and would like to explore theses kinds of exciting places in my free time and have fun on them. Yeah Alaina, I am also pondering to know from him what she like to do there?
What say about LA tour?
Alaina! It's really great to you to being at this to have a lot of great stuff. I would really love to say you warmly welcome here and surely it will be really amazing t you to be the member of this amazing forum for sure.
well, the shared image is really nice.
Alaina, First of all, I would like to say you Hello and Welcome on the board. Secondly, Imnar, You have shared really a heart touching view of the Plaza Mayor, Madrid with all of us. It looks seriously a nice place for the traveling freaks as we can see many tourists as the place in this image. I am keen to know about the things to do at this place briefly. Who will like to tell me?

I had a fantastic time with bus tours las vegas
[Image: travel-road-trip-animated-gif-5.gif]
[Image: b6feaebe255cbeef6e3f9bf98b0991ef.gif]
Alaina! I am happy to see you have joined this community and i hope you will spend a good time with all members.
I am also interested in traveling and i have many places explored in my life anyways what is your favorite place name.
i wanna say warmly welcome to all newcomers and hope will have a good time here!! Big Grin

[Image: Welcome-02-web-version.jpg]

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