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Hello all
I am new to this board and my name is Jace. I am very happy to be a member of this board hope so will be a great time to talk with other members in different discussion. I am sure there will be lots  of things to talk about as it seems to me after  a short visit to this forum.  Hope so members will like to say welcome to new comers.
Hello, JACE-2 , As you are a new member of the board than I will like to say you w warmly welcome here and hopefully you will enjoy such cool time on the board while taking about the current topics and exchanging your ideas and opinions with other. Hope will see an interesting participation by you in future.
Hi, Jace-2 I also would like to say you warmly welcome here and I must say I nice to see you both of you here. This is my first post here and I am from New York.
Yeah, Aliana, I do agree with you on that and hopeful he will be a good contributor like others.
Anyhow, guys let me know something about you?
What say about LA tour?
Hello, Eris, It is really good that you are also a new member here and welcome us here. If you want to know about myself than I am from the Florida, USA. I am recently engaged and graduated girl. I have enough interest in traveling, cooking, modeling and dancing. What's about you?

I wanna enjoy 3 day tour to grand canyon by bus
Hello, JACE-2! It's really great to see you here. I like yo say you warmly welcome here being a member of this forum, I am sure that it would be really great and best for you as well to be the part of thsi great kind of forum. so really best of luck for your participation.
JACE-2! Being a member of this community I must say warmly welcome to you here. It is really good you like conversation and also like this community. I am full of the hope in this community you will spend a great time and enjoy with all the members. Anyhow, would you like to share about your interest here?
Hello,JACE-2, Nice to see you here as a new member in this community. Being a member in this community also will love to say you welcome here. Become a part of our discussion and enjoy your self. Tell me what's your hobby. I am a traveling freak and that is my hobby. Being traveling freaks I love to move around of new places but this time I am free from bus tours from boston to niagara falls and thinking a new place for exploring.

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