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Ayden! You shared these places names are mind blowing and these places are the very best way of entertainment. I am the biggest freak of traveling and I explored already all of them. These places are very wonderful and filled with nature beauty. when I was there so every place captured in my camera but mistakenly my camera fall on water at the journey time so I can not share those images.
Ayden! I would like to say that you added wow attraction in your travel cart. All of them are very attractive and hope there spending time will remain superb and delightful. My mom had been there before going for new york bus tour packages and told me after coming back from this side that it is too much superb.
I would say all members had shared great stuff about Philipines especially those images views. Alla views are so attention-grabbing and dragging me complete into it. I never visited there but i would love to have a tour there for once i have seen these views in different movies and would love to see live for once in my life.
(08-22-2017, 02:33 PM)Ayden Wrote:
(07-27-2017, 12:07 PM)Allison Wrote: Tasha! it is really good for you if you are going to take the tour of Philippines soon. You let me know about those places which you are going to explore there. I mean share the names of those places. I want to know something about your bucket list. Must share those attractions names. Also tell me where you will stay during your journey?

I am so excited for the bus tours to niagara falls from nyc.

Why not, I am going to share with you those attractions names of this destination which I have added to my bucket list.
Coron Island
Banaue Rice Terraces
Hundred Islands National Park
Honda Bay
Subic Bay
Mines View Park
Mount Pulag
Pagsanjan Falls

You have shared rally best places and i appreciate your sharing, actually, these places made only fun and spent a good time especially Honda Bay, I explored this place and that time was too much excited and memorable for me anyways i am going to share this place images with all members. I hope all members like my post.
[Image: DSCN2284_zps3e03b8d7.jpg]
[Image: 2592378714_d3d8a847e5_z.jpg?zz=1]
[Image: DSCN2286_zps14155b85.jpg]

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