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Hello all of the beautiful people out there. It's Andress here. I am from Australia and i am anew member of this community. Would like to say Hello to all of you and hope that we'll interact nicely here to get sort of information from each other, Have a Good Time guys.
Hello, Andress, I am Alaina and being a member of the board, will like to say you welcome here. I am from USa but have heard that Australia is also a nice one country for the people. So, Here I will like to ask from you about your hometown. Which kind of things will you like to tell us about Australia?

My 3 day bus tour from LA was pleasant for me.
Being a member of this forum I really like to say warmly welcome here both of you and hopeful you guys will enjoy your stay here like all others. I really wanna know from you guys something about your passion. Would you like to share with all of us?
What say about LA tour?
Its really good to see many of new members who really like to share his experiences and about different of places, really like to say al of you welcome being a part of this really sure about that it would be really best for all of us to be here fir sharing and getting stuff.
Andress, Happy to see you here as a member. I wanna go for  Australia that is your hometown so would love to hear about it from you. hope you would love to share with me frankly. One more thing. Moreover, share with me what you love to do in your spare time to utilize it fully?
Andress! First of all, I would like to say welcome here in this community. Secondly nice to hear that you are from Australia. It is a really nice region for exploring different kinds of places. You know bout it detail and must share nice sort of stuff here about it. Anyway, which attraction is your favorite in this region?

Will love to take the washington dc cherry blossom.
Andress! Wellcome in this forum, I am happy to see you in this forum, my name is Andrew from New York. Australia is a famous and favorite place for me because my last journey had spent on this place. This tour was very enjoyed and never forget this place. I am sure you will get benefits in this community and get great knowledge and will share your experiences with all members.
[Image: hello-glitter-picture-22210907-400-300.gif]
Andress!!!! Welcome to this community. This is really great that you have chosen this community for having fun. I am quite sure that you will remain superb time and will enjoy a fun time with members by sharing your interests, hobbies and like.

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