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Scary Movies!
Love watching movies so much, Will really like to share some names of my most favorite scary movies: 
The Exorcist
The Shining
Scary Movie
The Conjuring
The Omen
Having plans for the San Francisco Tours
Andress, I am also a big fan of movies and always love to watch them in my free time to have a fun time but I avoid scary movies because I am a weak heart person and get afraid of them. I have recently watched the "Me Before You" with my love during the Guided Bus tours from LA and now it is my favorite. Have you watched it?
The Conjuring2 is my favorite move and would like to recommend you all adventure lovers should enjoy this at least once. Anyway, "Me Before You" is a romantic movie which consists of 1 hour 50 mins and some second. This is a story of two girls who falls in love. What will you say mores about its songs?
What say about LA tour?
Eris! I must say that you have recommended really nice movies to Andress. I have watched both movies which are awesome. The "Me Before You" movie is the best movie for all those persons which wants to see beautiful love story then this movie is best for them. I really like this movie and now I am planning to watch this movie with my girlfriend after my cherry blossom tours washington dc.
Andress, I also love to watch out the scary movies and watched all of them which you mentioned in your post. Here I am going to tell you some more scary movies which I watched now.
The Witch.
The Others.
The Grudge.
Evil Dead II.
Andress ! You have shared really best movies names, I have enjoyed all of them and my favorite movie is The Conjuring. I have watched much time in my whole life even I watched this movie second part. Allis! You have also shared really best movies names but sadly say, these are new to me and i have not watched in my life.
Andrew, I am happy that you like my sharing. Don't be sad that you have not watched these all movies which I mentioned here. I think you should make a plan to watch a movie with your mates in this weekend. Hope so you will select one from them above sharing movies names.
Allis!I have a plan go to Grand Canyon with my some friend and we will enjoy Evil Dead II. What is your view about this movie and my plan actually this movie new for me so can you tell me, Whether this movie is best to take this trip yes or not. I want to know your view so kindly share with me your vie about this movie.
Andrew! Good to know that you have planned to enjoy Grand Canyon's travel and while this one you will watch Evil Dead II. If you are talking about my views on Evil Dead II then wanna say that this is very thrilling, awful and perfect for all adventure lover who loves to see an awful movie.
Seems really good all of you like movies and shared your favorite movies names here. Let me share with all of you my favorite movies names.
Baby Driver
Get Out
The Post
Ready Player One
Blade Runner 2049

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