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Philippines attractive pictures!!
Hello guys, My brother recently back to the Philippines, my is brother photographer and this is a passion. Yesterday night he shared with me some attractive images, these images are most attractive on my self and I wish will go there again by the way I am going to share those images so all members comment those images. 
[Image: 1447762429_087119_1447841746_sumario_grande.jpg][Image: voyage-philippines-histoire-paysages-pla...ppines.jpg][Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
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I have to go Bus travel from Washington DC is next plan.
Andrew, I would like to say that you have shared really great shots of Philippines, with all of us. No doubt these are appealing and that's why love to know from you have you any idea about these points names of Philippines. If yes tghn must share with all of us.

I am enjoying trips from los angeles.
What say about LA tour?
Andrew! The above member is right. You have shared attractive and mind-blowing images of Philippines here which show the beauty of this destination. I also want to know about these places names which sort you have shared here. Because in my next days, I am going to explore this destination then I will add these places also on my bucket list.
Andrew, It's the really great thing that you have shared here really fabulous and the attractive kind of images here. I just really love this and surely it would be so much fabulous to me to enjoy a really great time at this surely.
I am going to agreeing with both of these that Andrew!! have shared such a nice and most impressive views of Philippines's attractions with all of us. All of these places are the best for visit and tourists can enjoy there some time with family and friends. I also explored all these places before taking the new york to portland maine bus tour during my Philippines's trip. I want to know about your next plan?
Philippines is the most promising place for nature sightseeing lovers and it offers breathtaking views of it. I loved Bali and Ubad those are the charming place of this area and here i am going to share few images of that area i am sure members will like these mesmerizing views.

[Image: banaue_rice_terraces.jpg?v=43fa4c2dec532...dee219ee77]

[Image: Palawan.jpg]

[Image: patapat_viaduct_pagudpud_philippines.jpg]
Archer! these images are really best and filled with attractive views, these images are really admirable, AM I right guys, When i saw these images so my sister explore this place so kindly share with me some details about this place, I am going to share that image.
[Image: patapat_viaduct_pagudpud_philippines.jpg]
Why not Andrew!! I am glad you liked my shared picks and want to know about one of them. This view has been captured from Pagudpud belongs to Luzon Island. That place known for It's beaches beauty and for its stunning resorts. I think you should take a tour there and i am sure you will spend good time.

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