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Singapore cities names!!
Vanallen! You say about this place completely right and i agree with the fact. After reading all members post soo then i want to again explore this place again enjoy this place attractions, Actually this place so attractive that is why most people come to see this place again and again.
I have to go Bus travel from Washington DC is next plan.
Singapore is so cool and it was always so nice for me having fun at somewhere like this and enjoying different of the things like these. Surely more like this in the future would be really nice and i will get so much to learn from that.
Yesterdays, I have received some images of Yishun, Singapore which I wanna share with all of you. SO I share those images here, hope so all of you like it.
[Image: yishun-0-900x562.jpg]
[Image: bridge.JPG]
[Image: yishun_neighbourhood_park]

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