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hiking and trekking places in Nepal
I want to explore Nepal before taking my yosemite day tour and want to explore its famous attractions which are added in my cart. I am a big lover of hiking and trekking and want to enjoy these activities during my journey. But I have no idea about that which places are the best for these activities. I keen to know about it from you all side I hope you will like to share useful stuff about it with me.
Tasha ! I am also hiking lover and this is the second name of adventure activities. This is my favorite adventure activity, by the way, I explored many places where I spent only hiking and get great experiences. I shared those places names.
Snowman Trek.
Pacific Crest Trail.
Chilkoot Trail.
I must say you have shared really cool points here she can enjoy hiking and trekking and can have a good time. I like them being all and before taking any further step love toi know Andrew have you personally use these places for both of these ventures? If yes then share how was your experience?

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What say about LA tour?
Nepal has plenty most exciting places to enjoy many outdoor activities. I also spent a really good time there and  I would like to share the names of some most popular places which I had explored during my journey. I hope you will like them. Those images are Kathmandu Valley, Chitwan National Park, Machapuchare, Kangchenjunga, Mera Peak and Langtang National Park. I hope my shared information would be useful for you.

I am taking a smoky mountains trip
Elianor231! I would like to say that buddy you have shared nice names of places with all of us. I have noted all these attractions names in my cart and will try to explore these places while my tour. Andrew! you have shared nice hiking places names with us but you have shared different places names but I want to know those places names which are located in Nepal.
Do let me add here some cool shots of Nepal with all of you guys.
[Image: lumbini-World-Peace-Pagoda-2.jpg]
[Image: Gokyo-Lakes-with-views-of-Mt-Everest-Nepal.jpg]
[Image: Everest-tours.jpg]
My dad had shared these with me once.
What say about LA tour?
Eris Wow... these shorts are so cool and filled with aatttrcaticve views, I appreciate your sharing, after these images so I want to again explore this place and i want also enjoy hiking of this place. What are you say about my view?
Nepal is so astonishing, It has the heart-stopping beauty. I have been to this mind blowing place like a year before with my some colleague and i would love to share with you people that i simply enjoyed myself at this one and had a blast at somewhere like this one four sure.
Andress! I agree with you your talk about this place, Nepal is so astonishing, this place so nice and filled with attractive views, i explored this place in my life and i want to again explore this place, this place people so innocent and friendly I meet them and get the great experience.
Very informative stuff which you all shared here. It will become enough information for me because very soon i will be in Nepal with my whole family. I have saved all of these places names in my mind which Elianor231 shared in his post and quite sure try up all of them after reaching in Nepal.

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