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Last night my brother told me Singapore's new place name and this place name is Sentosa. my brother 2 years ago explored with class mates and he got the great experience.  My brother give suggestion you must visit this place but guys I have no idea about this place no looked in my whole life so kindly all members share with me this place information and some images.
I have to go Bus travel from Washington DC is next plan.
Sentosa is a famous island in Singapore. This is a great place to have a nice time there and I had been there more than twice time with my family there. This Island added in top attractions of Singapore and now going to drop some images of this place here.
[Image: 800px-1_sentosa_aerial_panorama_2016_from_south.jpg]
[Image: The-Merlion_Croped.jpg]
[Image: photo4c7cc26dd5105m1o.jpg]
I hope these will attract you a lot.

Who is interesting in niagara falls trips from nyc?
What say about LA tour?
Great sort of stuff which has been shared by you people, I am just quite sure that it is going to be something pretty much amazing trying some of the stuff like this one up and learning a lot as this one.
Eris! You shared these images with all members, these are really amazing and filled with attractive views.After seeing your post and this place images so my curiosity will more increase and I am willing for go this place. I hope I  will enjoy this place and get great experiences.
I am glad that you liked the shared stuff, I really very hope that may any of the thing like this would be proved pretty much great to you and something more like this could me great either as this one.
Sentosa island is truly a mind blowing destination to explore in Singapore. I have visited this island and had a great experience of being there. Now I will go for the tour of this island once again after watching these stunning images. I am sure that once again I will enjoy a precious time there which will be memorable for me.
Allison, I am glad to see that you have been explored this place, This place looks really nice always get to expericne some of the stuff like this and so much more like this one to get to try off.
Allison! I am happy to see you after these images so you want to explore this place, firstly best of luck and secondly i am sure if you gel already experiences so this time you will also enjoy this place get great experiences.
Thanks for all the shared stuff guys, I am sure that all of this is going to help, Also this is gonna be really awesome enjoying something like this in the forthcoming days of mine for sure.
Andress, I will like to do agree with your views. All members shared here very nice stuff and I am sure this will gonna be amazing and enough information for those who wanna Sentosa. Singapore offers stunning places and Sentosa is an example of its attraction.

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