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Cebu images!!
Last night my brother come back from Cebu and he shares with me this place images and said to me you must visit this place with your college friend. I am decided after my los angeles to grand canyon tour then I will explore this place and i am going to share those images that my brother share with me.
[Image: malapascua-island-cebu-philippines.jpg]
[Image: malapascua-island.jpg]
Cebu is really new to me. I have never been at this but have got some of the stuff about it through the internet. Cebu is a
City in the Philippines. This is really best to explore as really famous for its smaller surrounding islands. I just really sure that to be around it would be really great.
Cebu is a most beautiful and gorgeous city of Philippines that offers a lot of most amazing and interesting attractions to enjoying some time there. Its natural places appeals me a lot. I also spent a really good time there and I would like to share the names of some well known destinations which are my favourite such as:

Cebu Taoist Temple
Casa Gorordo Museum
Sky Experience Adventure
Sirao Peak
Marcelo Fernan Bridge
Genesis Valley
I hope my shared information would be useful for you.

I am ready to take great smoky mountain tours
Elianor231! I would like to say that your sharing stuff will so quite helpful for my mom cause she decided that I will go around to this side with my best friends. So I really like to share your sharing stuff with her and I hope she will feel happy after this kind of stuff by my side.
To be frank guys Cebu is a really new place for me. I have no idea about tis place and have never to be there in my life. I really like to know about this place with detail cause will free from Whale Watching bus tour soon so will like to be there in my free time. ANyone like to share massive stuff about that?
What say about LA tour?
I would say Cebu has plenty of mesmerizing views to share under this thread you did good job through opening this thread so we all could share it's stunning views here. I am also going to share few from mine side and would love to see more from other members.

[Image: Cebu-beach.jpg.jpg]

[Image: gopr16082.jpg]

[Image: 13331806_f1024.jpg]

[Image: cebu-jetty.jpg]

[Image: ph.cebu.nearby.13.jpg]
Archer! Wow... these images are really dazzling and filled with charming views, all p images are really beautiful and shoe this place beauty but this one image really attractive on my mind.
[Image: ph.cebu.nearby.13.jpg]
this place name is Sibonga, Cebu this place so attractive every visitors and I am sure who's person also visited this place so he will enjoy this place attractive views.

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