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funny Jokes
A resident said someone had entered his home at night and taken five pounds of bacon. Upon further investigation police discovered, his wife had gotten up for a late-night snack. Big Grin
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Here few more... Laughing time  Big Grin

[Image: picture-jokes-funny-sardar-funny-jokes.jpg]

[Image: 16dd5072e586bb3a6ffd423497801e8c--jokes-...-jokes.jpg]

[Image: d1e90db808fcb99e4bf317c7ea67987c--jokes-...-jokes.jpg]

[Image: 50_sb.jpg]

[Image: 56a29801bcc56d0cdfe3f71eaf4c4ec7--funny-...quotes.jpg]
Hahahahahahahhaha....!!!!!!!!! smith, I am going to appreciate you for this post because it's really nice to make some laughing and happy. I liked all of these jokes as I smiled due to these Smile . I have saved them in my laptop and would like to share with my other friends.
i hope some one else will contribute as well, feeling like i am the only one, who is trying to make other laugh...

[Image: large.jpg]
Experience GoldenBusTours for having fun.

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