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Eris is here
Hello, everyone!!! Eris is here. I am a new member in this community and I am from NYC. I am a travelling freak and become much happy when I have watched its corner which is filled with lots destinations. I am so sure I will have a good time here and will able to know about different places. Anyone traveler here?
What say about LA tour?
Hello, Eris, My name is Alaina and being a member of the board, I will like to say you welcome here. It is really good that you love traveling and saw many corners on the forum relevant to it. I am also a huge fan of traveling and just love to arrange tours around the globe to have fun and refreshment of life. Hope you will have interesting time here.

I was at grand canyon south rim trip with mates.
well, reall good t see your welcome posts here. I realy like this and like to add here that I have also recently joined thsi great forum. I am also new here and really hopeful that it would be really good for em to be the part of the great kind of forum. so what say abouttraveling?
Eris! Welcome to in this community. Nice to see you here. Good to know that you are a traveler like other members. I am also a traveler. In fact traveling is my passion and I spend my most time in it. Would you like to share those places names here which you want to like for exploring? Hope so you give me quick response.

I can't forget my bus tours grand canyon.
Eris, I will like to do welcome here. I am happy that you joined this community and wishful that you will be here full of fun time. Become a part of this great discussion and enjoy yourself.
Eris! It is really very good to see you here and being a member of this board I love to say you warmly welcome here. I am sure that you will have a good time ahead with all of us and get useful and informative stuff from here and also love to share your view and ideas with all of us.

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