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Mount Kinabalu!!
Last night my brother give me Malaysia's is best destination name, and this name is Mount Kinabalu, this place totally new for me and I have never explored this place in my life but now I want to explore this place after niagara fall bus tour till then all members give me some details about of Mount Kinabalu
Mount Kinabalu is a most exciting fun place of Malaysia where a lot of visitors visited it annually with family and friends and came back with great memories. I also visited there before going to enjoy my cruise to maine from new york for having enjoyment. I woud like to share the some beautiful images of this awesome places which I had captured while the jurney. Those images are:

[Image: mt-kinabalu_orig.jpg]

[Image: kotakinabalu-mtkk_7.jpg?sfvrsn=2]
I want to know your veiws about these images?
Elianor231! Your shared stuff is so nice and attracting me a lot towards the Mount Kinabalu Mountain. I will must take the tour of this destinaion soon and will get a great kind of experince by visintg this. Now just tell me that which thrilling activities can I try there with my buddies for having an exciting time there? I am waiitng to read some nice suggestions and tips from your side. Hopefully, you will share here.

The bus tours from chicago to niagara falls will be best for me.
It feels so lovely always enjoying the great sort of the thing and so much more. Things like these makes me feel the best and love having fun at anywhere new and enjoying some of the more sort of the stuff like this one and so much more.

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