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Some images of nature beauty!!
Lsat night I checked my camera and I  was totally shocked because i collected very pleasant and charming places images and I am going to share those images. 
[Image: plitvice_lakes_croatia_680.jpg?resize=80...quality=75]
[Image: zhangye_danxia_china_680.jpg?resize=800p...quality=75][Image: etretat_france_680.jpg?resize=800px:99999px&quality=75][Image: pamukkale_turkey__680.jpg?resize=800px:9...quality=75]
If any member wants ask about these places name and some details so frankly ask me.
I have to go Bus travel from Washington DC is next plan.
Andrew .......! These are really brilliant views of someone places which you shared with all of us. I wanna know about its places names if you share. Can you share about its places names with me? I am pondering to explore these stunning places one by one because I am the biggest nature lover and these seems astonishing.
Andrew, I would love to say that you have shared simply stunning images with all of us. All of these are looking outstanding places for the travelers. The third one image is looking really attention grabbing to me due to its majestic beauty. I loved this one. Now, I am keen to get details about it because I will also like to be there to explore its beauty and enjoy photography as well.
[Image: travel-road-trip-animated-gif-5.gif]
Allis! I am happy to see you like my collection and these places names are,
Friest one place name is, Plitvicer Seen, Croatia.
The second one place name is, Zangye Danxia, China.
The third one place name is, Côte d'Albâtre, France.
Forth one place name is, Pamukkale, Turkey.
You must visit these places and get great experiences.

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