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Kabang Falls
Kabang Falls is a most exciting fun place of Cebu where a lot of visitors visited it annually. It is a most visited destination due to its rich nature beauty. I have been there before going to enjoy my smoky mountains trip more than three times in my whole life and always spent lovely time with my mates. I would like to share the some most adorable images of this charming place which I had captured in my camera. I hope you will like them. Those images are:

[Image: banius-waterfalls-a-source-of-river-jord...-blatt.jpg]

[Image: 6188543485_2a73c1a5e2_b.jpg]
Elianor, It is really good to read your beautiful experience at Kabang Falls. This fall is looking really charming and amazing as the shared images are proving it. I am also impressed with the beauty of this great waterfall. I will hare these images with my dad and ask him to plan a tour of the fall for me. Hope I'll be there soon.

My boston to niagara tour was fully remarkable.
[Image: travel-road-trip-animated-gif-5.gif]
Wow...........!! What impressive and stunning views of Kabang Falls which above member shared here? I am grabbed my attention after watching these appealing views of Kabang Falls from your side and decided to go there for enjoying nature viewing personally. What will you say about my plan?

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