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Subterranean River National Park!!
Once i visited Subterranean River National Park during my Puerto Princesa City's tour till that time i am planning to make a tour there for once again and finally I am real to go there with my brother after completing his yosemite tours from los angeles I know this is a lovely place and I will found lot's of opportunities to have fun with my brother but if you guys having more suggestion then must speak your mind here. 

Here few images of it Tongue can't wait to go there Big Grin

[Image: 1G6A4817.jpg]

[Image: Explore-Palawan-Philippines-Puerto-Princ...r-Park.jpg]

[Image: Philippines-2014-272_web-lrg.jpg]

[Image: underground-river.jpg?w=908]
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Such a great and lovely images have shared with all of us Subterranean River National Park. Honestly, guys, I have never to be there and have no much idea about this place. It looks so much lavish and that's why love to say that after enjoying a great time must share some features of this place. I am willing to know.

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What say about LA tour?
In my point of view, Subterranean River National Park is a best place to have great fun in Philiphine. It is a really great place for fun and tourists can enjoy there some time with family and kids on their special events. I also visited there and I really enjoyed there boating and photography. I think you should go there once in your future life if you like to see adventuress places around the world. I hope you will spent really good time there as well as other visitors.

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Yes this is a must to see place for adventure sightseeing lovers and for nature sightseeing lovers. I have good time there and still had a wish to make another visit there. If anyone of you like to go there then must try this out and can ask me anything about this place. I would be happy to share my knowledge and expediences with you guys.

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