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CEOs Robert Bradway suggestions to Trump!!
As we know Trump has introduced many of the new policies as i just come to know that now trump is making some reforms in texas policy from 35 % to 20 % he said that through this USA will earn more and grow more instead of providing benefits to overseas counties. What you guys have to say about it i  would love to know about it is that gonna work well i think yes this will work but CEO Robert said that will only help to lift investors more than jobs I would love to know about your Hearings after coming back from mine family trip and  Here are few quotes to from this CEO read them and lets discuse what is your opinion on this.

Quote:Amgen Inc (AMGN.O) CEO Robert Bradway said on Wednesday any tax reform would be incorporated into its capital allocation plans, noting the drugmaker expects to continue to raise its dividend and buy back shares.
Had a blast of fun during 2 day trip from san francisco

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