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Which One is Perfect???
Gusy there is my Friends B'day and i want to convey my best wishes to her and had make editing for her but before i mail her i just want to share with all of you must share your suggestions that are these nice or which one is best from them???
See Attachments!!  Big Grin

.gif   FunPhotoBox1173000722pxvxjd.gif (Size: 391.66 KB / Downloads: 8)

[Image: funphotobox1173000724syggoq.gif?r=85804]

Had a blast of fun during 2 day trip from san francisco
smith! I would like to say this is oldness and old trend i am going to share some new ideas for wish your friend, I am going to share some images i hope you like my sharing.
[Image: s-l1000.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: glitter-graphics-happy-birthday-682731.gif]
smith! I would like to say that it is a great way of saying happy birthday to anyone. I am sure your friend like this and one smile will bring on her face. The above person also shares nice pics. You can also send these pics of happy birthday to your friend.
thanks, guys!! All of your suggestions were so helpful i used to send her these pics but on the very sudden note she called me and said she is on airport i go to pick up for there and we hanged out together on our favorite place for celebrating her Birthday. Was a remarkable day for us.
Well, it is great you are going to pick her from the airport and then both of you will enjoy birthday in your favorite place. I am sure both of you will enjoy a memorable time of their life there which will prove unforgettable for both of you. You must share that day experience here because I am keen to hear about this.
Well Ayden!! That was a nice day, i know now i am replying to you is late but i think i should do this. You know we both had very good time there but at the end of the day we had accident and my friend was injured badly then i take her for medication and spend very tough time. But i am glad now we are still safe and sound and make visit together and enjoying our friendship.

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