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Frozen stream, Nepal
My neighbour friend has come back from his Nepal's tour and after coming back he has shared his traveling experience with me and told me that I have explored Frozen stream while my tour. I heard the name of this kind of stream for the very first time from his side. He has shared the exact location name of this place but sadly said that the name of its location is skipped from my mind. Have you explored this place personally or not?

I will take new york to niagara with my bestie.
Tasha, I would lie to say that once I have visited Nepal's with my grandmother and love to add here have a blast of memories. This was a lovely time period for us and exploring its sightseeing attractions offers us forever memories. I think dude you should be there personally as my aunt has a plan to go there after enjoying bus tour in los angeles.
What say about LA tour?

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